Safety Flooring


There can often be an increased risk of injury as a result of slips and falls. With our safety flooring, you can minimise and prevent potentially damaging accidents. The flooring is especially useful in commercial kitchens and other workplaces where floors could otherwise get slippery.

Minimise risk of litigation

As well as providing a safer environment for yourself and your employees in the workplace, you can help to minimise the risk of potentially costly lawsuits.

Not only can you minimise accidents, but you can also prove you've incorporated safe practices.

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Protect yourself and your staff with our range of safety flooring. To minimise the slippages in your workplace, contact our team in Ayr today:

Call 01292 260 186
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The perfect flooring for safety

  • Minimise dangerous accidents
  • Avoid damaging lawsuits
  • Perfect for commercial kitchens
  • Ideal for slippery workplaces
  • Great value
  • See examples in our Ayr showroom
  • Contact us for more information
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